Trend Junkie was born the day of my 25th Birthday party. I wanted my outfit to be something spectacular and that meant my jewelry had to match. For weeks I searched online and in stores and for weeks my pursuit was unsuccessful. With only hours left to my party, I desperately contacted some specialty jewelry suppliers and got prepared to give my search one last try. I was in luck! Picking out and buying these trendy pieces gave me so much  joy and excitement that I decided to share with girls everywhere. With that said, Trend Junkie was born that day!
At Trend Junkie, my aim is to make you feel trendy, unique and fabulous. All pieces are hand-selected by myself and I am here to give you the unique, personable shopping experience you deserve! Become a Junkie today, and enjoy the wonderful world of Trend Junkie!
                                                         With Love,

                                           Rya I  

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